Note: This Privacy Policy uses the same definitions for capitalised terms as defined in the Terms of Service, unless separately defined herein.
1.Collection of Information from Users

(a)The Publisher may collect certain information from Users referred to as the Information herein. Information collected by the Publisher from Users may include the Users:
1.Place of work, location, number of years of work experience, education;
2.Name, address, eMail ID, password, date of birth;
3.Financial Information.

(b)The Information collected shall be collected and retained by the Publisher from Users for the following purposes:
(i)To study demographics of users to help improve content;
(ii)To develop mechanisms with which to improve, the Content and the User experience in relation to;
(iii)To provide services to the Users as and when they become available;

(iv)To register them on the site that they become Registered Users eligible to have newsletters delivered to them, and to avail of other services as and when they become available.

(c)The name, address, eMail ID, password and financial information of a User will be collected by the Publisher only if explicitly provided by the User.

(d)Each User may review any Information provided to the Publisher, and may either modify or delete it. However, in case the User chooses not to provide or to withdraw / delete any Information, the Publisher shall be under no obligation to provide the User with any service for which the provision of such Information is necessary, whether or not the User has already paid for such service.

2.Non-Disclosure of Information by the Publisher
(a)The Publisher is committed to privacy of its users. Unless so required by law or permitted by the relevant User, the Publisher shall not share any of the following Information with any third party including any advertiser:

i.Information identifying any User, (such as name, address, eMail ID, and / or password) whether submitted at in order to register on the site so as to become a Registered User, or for any other purpose;
ii.Financial information of any User.
Provided that the Publisher’s commitment regarding the Non-Disclosure of Information shall not apply to any Information identifying / which could be used to identify a User which is posted in a publicly viewable area of For example, the Publisher shall not have any responsibility to maintain or attempt to maintain the confidentiality of an eMail ID which is posted in the text of a publicly viewable comment on
(b)The only recipient of Information not posted in a publicly viewable area of will be the Publisher.

3.Grievance Redressal

Mr Kishor Kate has been designated the Grievance Officer for / of and the Publisher. The contact information of the Grievance Officer is:
eMail: editor[at]

Any person who has any concerns relating to may contact the Grievance Officer to have those concerns addressed. In particular:
Any User who has provided Information to the Publisher /, may contact the Grievance Officer to have any discrepancies and grievances relating to the Information or the processing of the Information addressed.
Any person who has concerns about the violation of any intellectual property right by / in relation to any Content, or has any other content-related concern, may contact the Grievance Officer to have the concern addressed.

MxMIndia is a member of DIGIPUB News India Foundation. If a complainant is dissatisfied with our grievance redressal, please reach out to DIGIPUB’s grievance officer at the following address:  selfregulatorybody[at]


First Published on August 20, 2011. Updated August 02, 2021