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>> Sir, I have recently been retrenched by a large newspaper group and find that there are no jobs available. I am 41 years old and have done my BA in English (honours). Unfortunately, I do not have a postgraduation and find myself without any possibilities of a job. What are the other options I can look at?

I presume you are a journalist. If so you can still get jobs with online companies and write for websites as well as freelancing for various groups . Moreover I still think with good experience you can find decent full-time jobs. Smaller groups would value your experience. Hence this is probably just a temporary phase and soon you will be back on with a good career ! All the best.


>> I am a regular reader of Dear MxM. I have been a sales professional for over a decade and have been receiving incentives all these years. This April, the owner came in to the office and told us that 25 percent of our salary will now be a variable and only 75% will be given as a fixed amount. He even offered that if we are ready to take lesser than 75% fixed remuneration, then he will pay us more than the amount that is cut. Is this a legitimate practice?

Terms of engagement can be altered and it’s not illegal to do so. In fact most companies now do have a combination of fixed and variable and this is an accepted formula for sales. If you are a good performer you will certainly benefit and nothing will stop you. So go for it and show them how you can earn and more than what was being paid to you!


>> Sir, you had answered my question on no-poaching agreements last week. I have another question on the same issue: my colleague was told by an HR manager that if I go to ‘another place’ for six months and then approach them, they will accept my application. Hasn’t it then been made a charade? Is it not sad that our private companies act worse than government on such silly rules?

I take your point, but as I say in jest – every law has a sister-in-law!!  People find loopholes to beat the system. I agree with you that it’s indeed unfortunate that some companies work these tie-ups and then end up allowing these practices but it’s fortunately only a minority.


I guess the decision is yours finally. If you are open to be part of such a system then go ahead and take the step.  I really can’t comment on this beyond a point since personally this isn’t something I believe in doing. But I guess if you are just getting a raw deal at the present place then it’s understandable that you’re thinking of a move in whatever manner and process .


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