• Debrief: McDonald's Masala Grill: Apun aisaich hai!

    Debrief: McDonald’s Masala Grill: Apun aisaich hai! Posted on 21 May,2013 | under ADVERTISING The commercials are entertaining, and the Indian flavour is brought out nicely. Yes, we will identify with these situations, because, as the cliche goes, we are like that only

  • Debrief: Tanishq: Director's film

    Debrief: Tanishq: Director’s film Posted on 16 May,2013 | under ADVERTISING It doesn’t feel like an ad, this could be a scene from a Bollywood film or a television serial. Very subtle, very soft, and therein lies the commercial’s power

  • Debrief: Airtel: Wonderful casting

    Debrief: Airtel: Wonderful casting Posted on 14 May,2013 | under ADVERTISING The real strength of this campaign, apart from the sharp focus, lies in the casting and the dialogues. Superb choice of models, they look the sort of folks who would get mighty angsty over one rupee

  • Debrief: Voltas A/C: Sack this Mr Murthy!

    Debrief: Voltas A/C: Sack this Mr Murthy! Posted on 09 May,2013 | under ADVERTISING I have two reflex reactions each time Murthy comes on air (which is way too often): One, to smash the TV set. Two, to grab the remote control…

  • Debrief: Idea: Sob, sob!

    Debrief: Idea: Sob, sob! Posted on 07 May,2013 | under ADVERTISING Brilliant! I love it! It’s nearly impossible for a thirty-second TV commercial to leave tears in your eyes, and Idea has managed to do exactly that

  • Debrief: Mirinda:  Needs more madness!

    Debrief: Mirinda: Needs more madness! Posted on 02 May,2013 | under ADVERTISING A suggestion for the creative team: Guys, raise the pagalpanti level, make it crazier. Madder the treatment, better would be the brand recall. Now that you’ve chosen the wacko route, go all out, don’t stop at silly, childish pranks

  • Debrief: Tata Sky: The 'Epic' ad

    Debrief: Tata Sky: The ‘Epic’ ad Posted on 30 Apr,2013 | under ADVERTISING There’s nothing not to like about this one. It’s a surprising solution, the treatment is high-action and the promise is single minded

  • Debrief: Honda Amaze: Takes a detour

    Debrief: Honda Amaze: Takes a detour Posted on 25 Apr,2013 | under ADVERTISING What strikes me as different is that Honda has decided to break the rules of typical sedan advertising. Refreshing to see a sedan ad minus all the usual lifestyle advertising shoo-sha. And it makes strategic sense

  • Debrief: Godrej: Good TV soap

    Debrief: Godrej: Good TV soap Posted on 23 Apr,2013 | under ADVERTISING Aamir in drag will get the junta interested. I also like the characterisation; the couple used is an up-market one (the kind you’ll meet at Cuffe Parade), and this gives the brand a premium image, even when they discuss mundane stuff

  • Debrief: Fastrack: Irreverence works

    Debrief: Fastrack: Irreverence works Posted on 18 Apr,2013 | under ADVERTISING Anil Thakraney presents his views on the latest ads

  • Debrief: Vodafone: Zoozoos don't make you LOL

    Debrief: Vodafone: Zoozoos don’t make you LOL Posted on 16 Apr,2013 | under ADVERTISING The zoozoos are still cute, but the situations can do with more laughs. The new crop of TVCs bring a little smile to your face, but they aren’t hilarious

  • Debrief: Goibibo: Good use of metaphor

    Debrief: Goibibo: Good use of metaphor Posted on 11 Apr,2013 | under ADVERTISING Good work. In terms of both, the strategy and the creative. Well, the ad agency has delivered. Now it’s up to the Goibibo team to meet their deadly promise

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