Star Bharat returns to 5-Day programming

24 Mar,2023

By Our Staff


Star Bharat television channel plans to revert to its previous programming style of airing shows five days a week. Furthermore, the channel is also launching a new initiative that involves the re-airing of its iconic mythological programs, such as ‘Radha Krishn’ and ‘Devo Ke Dev….. Mahadev’.


According to the channel’s statement, the decision to bring back ‘Radha Krishn’ and ‘Devo Ke Dev Mahadev’ on weekends came after an outpouring of demand from viewers. Starting on March 25, the shows will be shown every Saturday. The channel believes that this move will allow viewers to engage with their favourite shows in a more consistent manner.


Star Bharat’s decision to bring back its mythological shows stems from the fact that they were immensely popular when they first aired. The channel hopes that by re-airing these shows, a new generation of viewers will have the opportunity to experience them. ‘Radha Krishn’ and ‘Devo Ke Dev Mahadev’ will air on Saturdays.


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