Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | If in a race, the #1 is way too ahead of the #2, what does it speak of the competition?

17 Mar,2023

Bhaskar DasIs there a context to the question? Is that reference to ‘making waves’ to an entity we know? Go figure! Meanwhile here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the March 17 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. If in a race, the #1 is way too ahead of the #2, what does it speak of the competition?


A. Since I do not know the context of your question, my answer is bound to be very generic. It’s very simple: if the #1 is #1 in a competitive race, I would say they have worked smarter (working harder is hygiene). There are a number of industries where the #1 is more surpetitive (courtesy Edward de Bono) than competitive. In that case, the yardstick like comparing with competition can be a limiting concept to surge ahead. The fact remains, at least in the Indian context, that it’s a perfect competition out there though everyone one has an equal opportunity to outsmart others, which is a function of strategy, culture, talent deployment and selection of choices. In most of the cases, the followers in any business segment suffer from the aforesaid deficiencies.

So a particular day, #1 may be ahead of #2. But that doesn’t mean #2 is not good. In fact it could well have been making waves in the past. Also, remember, there are many who are very good but who do not compete, because what they are interested in being is a ‘lambi race ka ghoda’, where competing is not important, just doing your thing (running or whatever else) is key.


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