Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | What are the trends and challenges facing the Indian advertising industry in the digital age? (question generated by ChatGPT)

27 Jan,2023

Bhaskar DasWe actually asked ChatGPT to frame this question. We didn’t ask it for an answer of course, coz there’s no one better than our Wizard with Words to put things into perspective. Without any further ado, here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the January 27 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. What are the trends and challenges facing the Indian advertising industry in the digital age? (question generated by ChatGPT)


A. I think leading Indian agencies, especially global network agencies, are already cognisant of the unfolding challenges of their served markets and are taking steps to keep up with the challenges.


While they are aware of it, I may mention a few which would be more than obvious to them:

1) there’s no choice but to embrace tech and data in every area of agency’s operations,

2) a future backwards strategic approach ( as opposed to present forward) and complement each area of work with appropriate action including skill acquisition and future ready workforce,

3) client-cum-customer-centricity and sensitivity,

4) emphasis on performance marketing without jettisoning the key imperatives of Brand building,

5) develop capabilities to view the competitive environment of client through an ecosystem approach and not a linear myopic process,

6) develop good internal capabilities for social listening and proactive reputation management of the client through adroitness of navigating earned media.


While the six factors above would be critical to future-proof an agency, two key factors would run through all factors are creativity, deep understanding of consumer and content and adhere to a core purpose for which the Agency’s and their clients’ business stand for.


The points mentioned by me might appear theoretical but they are all practical for thriving in a ‘ never normal’ world unpredictability is the new predictability. The capabilities mentioned by me, if honed consciously , can make an agency/ organisation nimble enough to pivot in case of any future contingencies.


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