Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | As someone who has spent quality time in Gujarat, what’s your Wish #1 from the new government for Gujarat?

09 Dec,2022

Bhaskar DasNot the easiest of questions to answer, but we love asking these once in a while. Here’s what Dr Bhaskar Das has to say on the issue in the December 9 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. We now know the election results. As someone who has spent quality time in Gujarat in the early part of your career, and now as an academic and even a student, what’s your Wish #1 from the new government for Gujarat?


A. When it comes to Politics and Polity, Das ka dum bhi nikal jaata hai, as I am a very apolitical person. I only believe that any sustained delivery of consumers’ / voters’ (in this case) expectations can ensure success either in business or in elections. Incidentally, a few years of stint in a state market cannot impart any expertise in anyone to decode a definitive result where multiple expectations amongst various stakeholders play a big role in the voting pattern. In a big country like India, with so many factors at play in various states, the results are expected to be divergent , and national and local issues collide in impacting the verdict.


Now that the results are out, it is clear that the leading national party has delivered in Gujarat in spite of competitive challenges and no anti-incumbency theory has worked. It shows that customers have been happy with the delivery. There are other factors which have played a different role in impacting results. For that, one has to write an edit piece on that. I don’t want to engage in that.


Fundamentally, the basic principles of marketing/ business have also worked in those states, albeit on different strategies of populism, as it happens in sales-boosting incentives used by marketers. But that may not be sustainable for building brand loyalty for repeat performance.


Leadership is about delivery. And in these elections, delivery or promises to deliver have been reflected in the result and I am not surprised. Marketing principles also work in elections. One needn’t be a poll pundit to predict. The strategy of both the winners and losers needs a strategy that is dynamic and incorporates the rising expectations of the market.


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