Avian WE CEO Nitin Mantri inducted into ICCO Hall of Fame

02 Dec,2022

By Our Staff


Nitin Mantri, Group CEO of Avian WE, a leading integrated communications firm in India, was inducted into the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Hall of Fame. Mantri was given the honour, along with international communications expert and civic activist Nataliya Popovych


Said Nitin Mantri, who was also the first ICCO President from Asia: “I am deeply humbled and honoured to have joined this venerable group of achievers. I would like to thank ICCO for their support and generosity from the very beginning. This recognition gives me new impetus to promote purposeful, ethical, and inclusive communications around the world and foster hope, compassion and understanding in an increasingly polarised and complex world.”


Added Grzegorz Szczepański, ICCO President and CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Poland, said: “The ICCO Hall of Fame is reserved for the most outstanding ambassadors of our profession, those who lead, who inspire and who make an impact. Our two new inductees for 2022 do all of those things and more. I thank Nitin Mantri for his tenure as ICCO President, his work on countless new projects and initiatives drives our organisation and industry forward. And I thank Nataliya for her unbelievable work bringing communicators together in the efforts to save lives in the war in Ukraine. Both of these professionals deserve to be recognised alongside the best of our industry”


Said Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO and Founder, WE Communications: “Avian WE and Chase India are an integral part of WE Communications and Nitin, as their leader, has always believed in the power of communications to bring about positive community impact, equity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability. We are incredibly proud of his achievements and this well-deserved recognition.”


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