Bajaj Pulsar N160 ad in two parts

03 Oct,2022

By Our Staff


Bajaj Pulsar new ad asks viewers to ‘scan’ an embedded QR code to land on a second film – unlocking another level of an action sequence. It has been created by Ogilvy.


Said Narayan Sundararaman, Head of Marketing, Bajaj Auto Ltd:  “Brand Pulsar is all about action and thrill. For its new avatar as Pulsar N160, we had to deliver a communication package that would talk about the category-first feature of Dual Channel ABS. In this cluttered media environment, we thought our best chance would be to involve the viewer and nudge them towards a thrilling film… do they want to watch an ‘uncensored’ ad of eye-popping motorcycling action? It’s great to see that the answer is a resounding yes!”


Added Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India: “Pulsar is the most thrilling motorcycle on the road, so we took its communication a notch higher on the thrill. How? We got their attention twice! We made an ad in an ad. First, we made a Censored Pulsar ad for TV and released it with a QR code. The film invites the die-hard Pulsar fans to scan and view the most thrilling ‘Uncensored Pulsar ad’ ever. The Uncensored Pulsar QR code will make not just the TV ad but every ad thrilling, newspaper, outdoor, and even posters. Let the thrill take over.”


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