Ventes Avenues launches proprietary adtech platforms

21 Sep,2022

By Our Staff

Ventes Avenues has created two inhouse adtech platforms – Attrimob and Apptomizer. “Our science is built around precise audience targeting, and we utilise our first-party data to offer advanced targeting options by layering additional third-party data platforms,” notes a communique


While Attrimob is a performance platform, Apptomizer is a branding platform modelled to deliver direct and programmatic campaigns.  Said Balamurugan Mani, Co-founder-Ventes Avenues: “Our highly-skilled tech team worked round the clock during the lockdown to build these two Adtech platforms. After a great deal of planning, coordination, brainstorming and execution we are extremely confident about delivering the highest quality campaigns with our world-class technology. We are committed to bringing AI-based optimizations to both these platforms to ensure our campaigns are delivered seamlessly without the need for manual optimisation.”


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