Special days need Special Effort. So how did we do with Teacher’s Day 2022?

14 Sep,2022



By Sanjeev Kotnala


Sanjeev KotnalaOn special days we see brands releasing communication celebrating the specific day. People take to social media and flood it with messages. Some are relevant and thoughtful, but most of them are a rehash of some old thought. These special days are usually around religion, region, festivals, birth and death anniversaries, historical milestones, politics, events, sports, or anything else that is topical or tactical.

In the case of certain special days, brands have the opportunity to present their point of view. For some categories, these days open a window of customisable unique advantage to relate to their wider audiences. Like Valentine’s Day for romance, love, care, and Chocolates. Father’s Day for all the relationships and cheeky messages from condom brands. Teachers’ Day for the education and coaching category.

Unfortunately, most brands fail to exploit the opportunity and end up doing lip service. The stale jokes and the repeated unexplored strategic focussed messages make no sense.

Yes, one understands but fails to accept the statement that after so many years of brands trying to explore these days, there is no new thought possible. Maybe it is true. Perhaps, all nuances around them have been explored, if not fully exploited. However, it tells us that to make a difference and impact, brands better roll up their sleeves and think deep, and even if it’s an old thought- freshen it in execution. Otherwise, the energy and resources are misdirected, and there is a colossal waste of effort and energy. It is, in fact, true about most special days.

Here is what happened with Teacher’s Day.


Navneet Education- #Trforteacher

Navneet Education wants to roll out a petition so teachers could use Tr as a prefix identifier, just like a doctor uses Dr, Engineers use Er. And so on. Not a bad idea, but not the first time. Though the execution style of ”We asked few people is so jaded, it is not impactful. Though the brand did float it across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with all the possible hashtags, this was one of the best efforts of the day- it is itself making an example.



Day in a teacher’s life.

Teachmint showcased what a teacher’s day looks like and what keeps them going. Presenting Teachers as the heart of schools. The brand wants everyone to join in showing love for Teachers, and, yes, again, there was this hashtag barrage- as if the brand was unsure what would really work.




The biggest online and now hybrid coaching – created the not so unexpected – learn at every stage campaign. It had decent success with huge views. A simple thought of learning being a journey with multiple pit stops but no destination. Teachers learn something new at every turn, with the flip of every page, on a cold night or a tough day. Celebrating the biggest student through it all, the one that never stops learning – a teacher. It is not the best way- but at least in sync with their brand communication. Candid Teacher, the earlier communication by Byju’s, allowed students to ask questions. It was more fun and playful- maybe with more impact- however, the treatment left much to be desired. You expect a brand like Byju’s to do far better.




In 2020, during the [andemic, Class Plus celebrating teachers’ efforts was a friendly communication- topical and relevant. How teachers shifted to online, sharing their wisdom and knowledge. And slowly inserted the message that they have helped more than 1 Lakh+ teachers to grow during the lockdown. #EmpoweringTeachers to grow. Earlier, Class Plus had also communicated about the hard work teachers put in. The sweetness they bring, the care they undertake and the conduct they display. This and more define how kids learn to view the world in their own right. They really make the world a better place to learn. Unfortunately, another good idea could have been far better executed.





Better in all this seriousness is the cheeky Filter Coffee communication- types of teachers you can relate to. There is fun and sincerity; the episode reminds you of some teachers and expands the audience range.




Then other brands tried to take advantage and, according to their efforts and resource, hugely mismanaged the show. For example, Orchid International trying to communicate that Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. Orchids wishes happy teachers’ day. Or the learnapp rehashing the ever-safe formula of teachers moulding the students. And Himalaya Baby Care with many views trying to exploit the overhyped and most basic thought of parents as a teacher. Extramarks, the leading teaching app for K-12, promotes its functionality. And even Bandhan Bank went into drive telling us we have teachers all over and the opportunity to learn. Maybe a wasted opportunity or a non-strategic move. And if you have to watch- do watch this from Naya Educator– very apt work on teachers’ day. It is functional, relevant and a tribute too.




Special days allow the brands an opportunity- to define or strengthen their relationship with the stakeholders in their ecosystem. However, to exploit the possibilities, brands need to believe in the strategic importance of the special days and not treat it as another item to be ticked.

It is advisable for a brand to not waste time and resources on some poorly executed, half-baked communication.

Indian culture and mythology are full of Guru Shishya parampara. There are rich anecdotes that the brands can use if they are willing to deep dive and really believe in the strategic importance of special days. Unfortunately, one has hardly seen any brand use this rich heritage.



Here is an ad from Raymond’s that seemed to me as one of the best functional synergistic Teacher’s Day ad.


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