Shailesh Kapoor: 11 years, 385 not out

09 Sep,2022

By Shailesh Kapoor


Shailesh KapoorMxM India completes 11 years today. This column started in the eleventh month of this website, on Aug 9, 2012, with this piece. The one you are reading now in no. 385. Writing for MxM India has been a very satisfying decade-long journey for me. It’s a testimony to MxM India’s value of independent journalism that not once, across these 385 columns, have I been told to edit or qualify anything I have written.


So much has changed over this decade. The initial columns were primarily around the linear television business, focusing on GEC, news or sports in most weeks. This column was even called TV Trail in its initial years! In 2015, I first wrote about a streaming shows (TVF Pitchers). Little did I know then that this will be a norm a few years later, and TV-centric columns will be less regular. Over the last 3-4 years, the television columns have been more about industry issues than about the progress it is making. The linear TV industry in India is stuck in a time warp of its own making, and that’s been a pet peeve for me, which finds an outlet here every now and then.


But it’s the rise of streaming, and related aspects such as the growth of dubbed content (such as this piece), that has dominated my writing in the last couple of years. The Indian streaming story has been a fascinating one thus far. And we are, by no means, in a settled phase. Which means there will be a lot more to write about it in the coming year too.


IPL, meanwhile, has been a constant fixture over this decade. I have written about 15 columns on it. The league has grown stronger by the year, emerging as the second-biggest sporting property in the world this year after NFL.


The last five years have also seen the dramatic rise of Instagram in India, including that of Reels within it. I’m that rare breed who is not on the platform, and have often found myself trying to keep pace with the new socio-cultural trends that either emerge of Instagram or find magnification through it.


While so much has changed over a decade, the unique, multi-layered entity called the Indian audience continues to remain fascinating. It’s difficult to second-guess their minds, and yet, one must learn ways to do it, given the nature of Ormax Media’s work. In 2022, the Indian audience is more demanding than ever before. Their rejection of content can be outright brutal (case in point: Laal Singh Chaddha), and their acceptance of content can be whole-hearted (IPL, Marvel films, K.G.F 2, Anupama, etc.).


As this column nears the 400-mark, in MxM India’s twelfth year, it is my love for the Indian audience that will continue to power it.


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