Redcliffe Labs launches drive for World Heart Day

28 Sep,2022

By Our Staff


Redcliffe Labs launched the ‘DilKiSuno’ campaign for World Heart Day. It is to raise awareness on how adopting a healthy lifestyle at any age can reduce your chance of developing heart disease and having a heart attack or stroke.


The campaign highlights the importance of heart health through the real-life experiences of people from different age groups. The purpose of this campaign is to make people across various aware of cardiovascular health and heart attack symptoms. Changes in lifestyle and timely diagnosis shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Commenting on the new campaign Dheeraj Jain, the Founder of Redcliffe Labs, said: “Our campaign Dil Ki Suno emphasizes the idea of a healthy heart, healthy you! One can prevent heart disease by living their life the way one wants with the right diagnosis at the right time. Everyone must acknowledge that occasionally they take their health for granted. We don’t usually give it much thought until a sudden issue arises.Hence, it is the need of the hour to manage risk factors like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity by maintaining an active lifestyle.”


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