Future Generali Insurance launches new TVC

16 Sep,2022

By Our Staff


Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has launched the ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ campaign which challenges Indian consumers’ belief on the usage of health insurance as a one-off activity. The TVC is conceptualised by Mullen Lintas.


Said Ruchika Malhan Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance: “Being a ‘Life-Time Partner’ for our customers, we invest heavily in understanding their needs and developing innovative propositions that address their evolving asks. Accordingly, we recognised a propelling customer need for an all-encompassing health cover leading us to conceptualize a comprehensive health product, an offering that can be effectively used every day, every week and month. Contrary to popular belief, insurance is a partner for life, not just a one day requirement. Through its distinct positioning as ‘The Everyday Health Insurance,’ FG Health Absolute promotes regular health management practices to aid customers in adopting a healthy lifestyle. It goes a step further and nudges members to live a healthier life through the elaborate wellness loyalty and rewards programme.”


Added Garima Khandelwal, Chief Creative Officer, Mullen Lintas: “’Once in a Blue Moon’ campaign  for FG Health Absolute goes on to ask the very pertinent question of why people use their health insurance rarely, prompting individuals to choose a cover that offers daily health benefits and services. The insight focused on highlighting all the “accidents” that happen only once in a blue moon, pretty much as often as one uses one’s health insurance currently. The team highlighted the same sharply and creatively, with the intent to land the differentiation and also do it in the tonality of the brand, which is distinct from the competition.”


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