AI Logistix rebrands itself

13 Sep,2022

By Our Staff


AI Logistix, a logistics startup that aims to solve day-to-day logistics and supply chain issues, using intelligent systems and processes, has announced that it is looking at a rebranding exercise that highlights its vision, mission and motto. It will now be engaged in ‘Green deliveries with Zero Carbon emission’.  Hence while the name remains the same the logo colour is now green.


According to Abdul Khadeer, Founder and CEO, Wayne W Dyer, the motivational coach said: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”. As a Founder & CEO when we started AI Logistix, the idea is to bring change in logistics through our intelligent systems and thoughts we discuss in our meetings. One such meeting was with my Co-Founder Mamata Reddy was why not optimize the last mile delivery. When we used to see Zomato or Zepto or Big Basket riders working so hard to earn their livelihood through rent bikes and spending so much on Petrol, we felt like why can’t we become their partner in their growth by giving them a chance to work hard without any other worries and that’s how we have planned to become “your LAST sMILE delivery partner” with green Deliveries as it saves huge cost to the companies as well.  Zomato says red outside, Green Inside… we say ” we have changed ourselves from Red to Green”



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