Yardley London unveils new campaign

18 Aug,2022

By Our Staff


Yardley, a British personal care brand specialising in cosmetics and fragrances, has launched its new commercial on its all-new range of Floral Essence Shower Gels.  The commercial has been conceptualised by Contract Advertising.


Said Manish Vyas, CEO, Wipro Yardley: “While Yardley has always being known for its fine floral fragrances, through this new range of shower gel under Floral Essence sub brand, we intend to bring forth goodness of floral ingredients apart from the fragrance.”


Added Ayan Chakraborty, General Manager, Contract Mumbai: “When you hear of a spa like experience, something that is invigorating and indulgent immediately comes to mind. This is the thought that we used to launch Yardley’s range of Floral Essence Shower Gels. The fragrance uplifts you instantly and the floral oils work on the skin. It is like being in a spa everyday.”


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