Divya Bhaskar launches campaign titled ‘Sachi Vaat Bedhadak’

16 Aug,2022

By Our Staff


The Dainik Bhaskar group’s Gujarati newspaper Divya Bhaskar has released a campaign – titled ‘Sachi Vaat, Bedhadak’. The paper has commissioned One Advertising and Communication Services Ltd for the campaign.


Talking more about this campaign, Sanjeev Chauhan, COO, Divya Bhaskar, said: “For Dainik Bhaskar Group and its various publications, printing truth, reporting facts as it is and questioning the wrong has been the primary motto.  It is one of the biggest reasons why we have emerged as one of the leading Gujarati Dailies in such a short span of time.”


Added State Editor Devendra Bhatnagar: “Divya Bhaskar is renowned for its fearless journalism which has become our identity and we take pride in it. But, for us, the betterment of the state of Gujarat is of the foremost importance. We have launched initiatives like ‘No Negative Monday’, ‘Jal Shree Krishna’, ‘Ek Vriksh, Ek Zindagi’, ‘Saarthak Diwali’, ‘Annadaan – Vastradaan’, and many such initiatives that address the needs of our society. ‘Sachi Vaat Bedhadak’ is what the people of Gujarat need, and our promise is to deliver it every time. We also wish to say that Divya Bhaskar is not against any individual or organization. We are only with truth and will keep on bringing out the truth, fearlessly.”


Said Vibhuti Bhatt, Director of One Advertising: “Divya Bhaskar has always been a fearless daily. Its headlines have often created ripples in our society, forcing people to take notice and question things going around us. To do justice to this truthful and fearless journalistic spirit, we decided on taking its headlines and transforming them into thoughtful creativity. The Headline will be adorned by a Lion – the symbol of fearlessness; a Torch – to illuminate our path and reveal all aspects of a story and a Fist – to rebel against the misinformation that plagues our society.”


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