Cleartrip launches film to boost intnl travel

17 Aug,2022

By Our Staff


Cleartrip, the online travel technology company, has launched a campaign to encourage international travel.


Speaking about the digital film, Kunal Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer at Cleartrip, said: “India ranks third in the world after China and the US in issuing passports. That said, for the last two years, people have been confined to their homes and screens, missing out on real human connections, devoid of exploring new places, and enjoying the idea of travel. Through this digital film, it is a concerted effort by Cleartrip to reconnect with our travellers and urge them to use their passports beyond just an identification proof document. Post-Covid, there is a misconception about the international flight fares being unaffordable while in reality, some of the most popular tourist destinations are available at great prices on Cleartrip. We want to give a little nudge to our customers and let them know that they can now dust their passports off to take that long-awaited international holiday!”


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