Ogilvy’s Instagram tease for Bajaj Pulsar

04 Jul,2022

By Our Staff


Bajaj Pulsar prepared to add two new bikes to its roster – the P250 Brooklyn Black and N160 Brooklyn Black – with the emulation of an ‘eclipse’ across its Instagram page. For an entire week, Pulsar’s Instagram feed showcased a moon with phases of an actual eclipse. Amidst the shadow, a silhouette of a bike emerged, enticing viewers about a likely launch, soon to be revealed.


Notes a communique: “With each passing day the eclipse phased closer to completion, unveiling a clearer glimpse of the upcoming mystery bike. For the next two days, the audiences were kept eagerly waiting for the moon to be entirely eclipsed. Finally, after a week-long wait, the viewers were treated to the all-new N160  Brooklyn Black on June 22 and then the P250  Brooklyn Black on June 24.”


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