Mars focus on gender equallity

06 Jul,2022

By Our Staff


Mars has launched the India extension of its #HereToBeHeard campaign. In 2021, Mars asked 10,000 women in 88 countries across intersections – race, age, sexuality, employment status, disability and more – one question: What needs to change so that more women can reach their full potential? The respondents, including 250 from India, called for systematic change from employers, colleagues, government, communities and men to break the patriarchal barriers in their path to growth and success.


Said Kalpesh Parmar, Country General Manager, Mars Wrigley, India: “For generations, women have fulfilled many roles to the exclusion of what they stand for as individuals. Education and awareness have shifted that mindset, but deep-rooted ideologies persist even in evolved societies. Even today, women, irrespective of their backgrounds and upbringing, face bias and discrimination. It is necessary to voice women’s opinions and advocate their desire for a better, more inclusive society. We plan to do that by extending our #HereToBeHeard campaign in India. Mars believes that ‘The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today’ and this includes advocating for an inclusive society. We invite women to respond to the survey so we can amplify it to help organizations, government bodies, communities and people understand what changes the women of India are seeking. The responses will inform the concrete actions Mars will undertake – within its value chain and in the broader society – to close the gender opportunity gap.”


In the initial phase of #HeretoBeHeard, women’s opinions will be collected over three months after which the submissions will be analysed by LeadCap Research. The results will be shared in a report and will inform the action plans and policies of Mars as part of its advocacy and commitment to unlock opportunities for women.


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