GroupM introduces global framework for media decarbonisation

21 Jul,2022

By Our Staff


GroupM has introduced a global framework for media decarbonisation.  The framework is a new set of measurement methodologies designed to break down the media value chain and define the necessary data inputs to measure carbon emissions across all five stages of the advertising lifecycle for all formats, channels and markets in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s standards.


Said Christian Juhl, GroupM’s Global CEO: “Our clients want to prioritise media investment with publishers and platforms that are actively decarbonizing their media supply. While we applaud the many steps taken to quantify ad-based carbon emissions in recent years, having different standards across companies, platforms, and markets is delaying meaningful action. By sharing this global framework, we hope to begin aligning our industry behind a consistent set of standards that will create clear goals and incentives for rapidly decarbonizing the media supply chain.”


Added Jérôme Amouyal, Media Performance Insights Director, AXA: “We have seen that our industry has an increasing number of calculators, but not an aligned reduction plan. It is important that we as a collective get behind a robust, actionable solution that accelerates decarbonization. We believe that market approaches such as GroupM’s will lead the way in educating, informing and enabling vital change in the industry. We’re looking forward to working with them to have the right framework to inform our future buying decisions.”


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