Dentsu expands its bouquet of networks

21 Jun,2022

By Our Staff


Dentsu International’s Global CEO, Wendy Clark, and Global CCO Fred Levron have announced the launch of Dentsu Creative, Dentsu’s global creative network. Dentsu Creative will serve as the sole creative network for Dentsu international working with clients around the globe.


In alignment with Dentsu’s global vision of designing a structure for horizontal creativity, Ajay Gahlaut, Group Chief Creative Officer, will now also be in charge of “infusing creativity” across Media and CXM besides Dentsu Creative in India.


Led by Fred Levron, who joined Dentsu international as Chief Creative Officer in November 2021 and has demonstrated the transformative power of creativity throughout his acclaimed career; Dentsu Creative will comprise 9,000 creative experts in 46 markets connected to 37,000 media and CXM experts across Dentsu international and collaborate closely with Dentsu’s creative team in Japan. In the near future, further leadership announcements will be made as Dentsu Creative brings in the next generation of strategic, production, business and creative leaders.


Said Levron:  “If you had the chance to build a brand new global creative network designed for the modern world, what would it look like? That is what we are answering with the launch of Dentsu Creative. Clients, talent and the industry at large are craving for a change: in the way we build brands, in the way we collaborate and in the role we give to creativity. If the current players have set the rules of the previous century, we have the ambition to set the rules for the decades to come.”


Added Wendy Clark, Global CEO, Dentsu international: “At Dentsu, we’re building a modern agency network fuelled by horizontal creativity – a creativity designed to unify our people, their capabilities and our delivery for clients. We’re fortunate to draw from our Japanese heritage steeped in a relentless focus on craft, innovation and creativity. This legacy inspired our vision for modern creativity that was born in Japan and raised in a connected world. Dentsu Creative offers a simplified, modern creative proposition that answers clients’ needs for us to break down agency silos and inefficiencies and seamlessly connect our talent around the right client opportunities at the right time.”


Said Amit Wadhwa, CEO India, Dentsu Creative: “Dentsu has over the years, time and again demonstrated innovation through creativity. With Dentsu Creative, we will unite our creative talent under one brand; this will further simplify client engagements and strengthen our creative prowess. Moving with times is important and now is the time to transform brands and businesses through the lens of Modern Creativity. Dentsu Creative ensures the best output for our clients and the best opportunities for our people, which is the most exciting part for me.”


Added Gahlaut: “With Dentsu Creative, we will transform the creative face of dentsu as a network. As we add Modern Creativity to all the disciplines within the network and combine them, we will create a new-age powerhouse. Our aim is to bring profit and purpose together for our clients and our people. This is what the industry has been waiting for, and we are the forerunners of this breakthrough. Exciting times ahead!”



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