Whisper Media promotes Center Fruit

02 May,2022

By Our Staff


Perfetti Van Melle’s chewing gum brand Center Fruit has partnered with Whisper Media for executing an In-Content Advertising (ICA) campaign on TV. The campaign showcases Center Fruit’s new product innovation through placements of ICA’s within content, powered by Whisper Media’s tech-enabled offering. The target for this campaign is the Hindi-Speaking Markets for which the brand chose a leading Hindi GEC channel.


Commenting on the partnership, Rohit Kapoor, Director Marketing (India), Perfetti Van Melle said: “The new Center Fruit tennis ball shape gum is an innovative product launch. We have started its roll out and the product continues to get amazing initial response in the market. To take it mainstream, we are glad to partner with Whisper Media to create an ICA campaign. It seamlessly integrates the brand, leading to a rich consumer experience while advertising. It leads to higher visibility and recall as it is placed during a consumer’s voluntary viewing of shows.”


Speaking about the campaign, Guneet Anand, Global Revenue Head, Whisper Media added: “Center Fruit has been one of the most preferred chewing gum brands among the youth in India. We have carefully crafted our In-Content Advertising campaign to align and place the brand keeping the youthful identity intact. We are confident the brand message delivery will be seamless through this unique ICA campaign.”


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