Rebel Foods unveils campaign for flagship brand Oven Story Pizza

26 May,2022

By Our Staff


Rebel Foods, the online restaurant company, has unveiled a new campaign for its half-n-half pizza offering by its flagship brand Oven Story Pizza. Conceptualised by Amit Akali’s What’s Your Problem, now a Wondrlab company, the new campaign addresses “common pizza problems”.


Said Akali, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Wondrlab: “There is a dictatorship in the pizza category with every big player giving out the same offerings. For an ardent foodie like myself, it was high time that someone came along and put an end to this dictatorship. Oven Story does just that with its unique half and half pizzas. The film is fun, quirky and drives home the message well. More importantly, they are unexpected. And today, if you catch attention, that’s half the battle won for a brand. You can look forward to a few more episodes with our dictator.”


Added Pragati Dalal, VP, Brands at Rebel Foods: “Oven Story truly believes in exciting innovations with stand out offerings while making every pizza different. This unique identity goes beyond the product and also gets captured in the way we market the brand. Customers usually end up compromising while ordering their pizza when ordering in a group. Through this new campaign, we have addressed these customer problems with Oven Story’s half-n-half pizza where customers can order their choice of pizza/toppings individually. Being a disruptor in the pizza category, we don’t want our customers to compromise which makes us stand out against our competition.”


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