Parle Magix rolls out new TVC

11 May,2022

By Our Staff


Parle Magix cream biscuit brand from Parle Products has rolled out three TV commercials. The campaign has been created by Thought Blurb Communications.


Said Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products: “A child’s imagination does not follow a pattern that is logical. They give a comical and bizarre twist to everyday situations that are often invisible to adults. This is the insight on which this campaign is built. It seeks to be relatable to a child and to entertain them.”,


Added Vinod Kunj, Partner & CCO, thought blurb Communications: “The client’s brief was to establish a connection with children. So we decided not to tell them how good our product is, just tell them that their world is fantastic. The creative team took a hike into the world of children and came back with this really whacky campaign.”



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