Otrivin nasal spray unveils new campaign

11 May,2022

By Our Staff


Nasal decongestant spray brand Otrivin has launched a new campaign that highlights the impact of a blocked nose on everyday life moments. The campaign is a series of four films that emphasis on everyday struggles when breathing is impacted due to a blocked nose.


Said Anurita Chopra, Marketing Head, GSK Consumer Healthcare: “A blocked nose may seem trivial, however, it not only impacts breathing but also the key moments in a consumer’s life. Otrivin’s purpose is to enable consumers to breathe their best and Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief provides a quick solution to unblock nose and therefore end the consumer’s discomfort. Through this campaign, Otrivin is trying to empathize with the consumer and urge them to opt for a fast relief solution from blocked nose. It is simple, effective and non-messy!”


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