Omnicom tables Omnifluence Report

24 May,2022

By Our Staff


Omnicom Media Group India has tabled the Omnifluence Report to highlight key influencer marketing insights. A recent comparative data study on marketing to millennials and Gen-Z, initiated by OMG Content, using Omnifluence data powered by Qoruz, revealed some compelling information on Gen-Z consumer behaviour –

:: Of all the Gen-Z individuals, only 13% follow celebrities, while about 86% of them prefer to follow Instagram influencers

:: Influencers were segregated into different tiers based on their follower count and the study showed that mid-tier (50k – 500k) and nano tier (5k – 50k) had the largest Gen-Z following

:: After delving into the different categories, it was revealed that Gen-Z were more drawn toward fashion, travel and cinema-based pages

:: When comparing the millennial and Gen-Z demographics, the Gen-Z individuals follow about 97.9% of Instagram influencers and 13.1% of celebrities. On the other hand, millennials follow 52% of Instagram influencers and 47% of celebrities


E-commerce is gaining large traction in the country and businesses are looking at ways to increase online presence and mobility, targeting various social media platforms. Patterns observed on social commerce platforms were also a part of the Omnifluence report. Here are some key takeaways:

:: The study revealed that the platforms actively engaged in influencer marketing were Roposo, Trell and Meesho

:: The highest number of content created by influencers went up on Roposo, Trell and Meesho

:: For creators focusing on short video content, MX TakaTak, Josh and Moj were the most popular, each racking up huge numbers content-wise


Speaking about the surge in the domain of influencer marketing, Shailja Saraswati Varghese, Chief Content Officer, Omnicom Media Group India, said: “Going through the compelling and decisive data found in the report, it becomes evident that social media has been playing a major role in the surge of e-commerce and influencers are leading the charge in that realm. Gen-Z constitutes a huge portion of the population in the world and tapping into the interests of the younger generation is an effective strategy for businesses to maximize reach. Influencer marketing has positioned itself as the most lucrative medium for that purpose and Omnifluence makes strategizing around it data-focused, easy and reliable.”


The conclusive data in the report showcases how Omnifluence can assist with Planning, Real-Time Discovery, ROI management, Analytics and Campaign reporting for Brands and much more.


Here’s a brief highlight of some of the benefits the intuitive platform offers:

:: Discover the right influencers for your brand with the platform’s powerful suite of tools that match you with relevant candidates

:: Obtain information on the best influencers, including average likes and comments, user engagement rate, views and more

:: Connect with influencers directly on the platform for campaign briefs, negotiations etc.

:: Get in-depth information on the success of a campaign and track progress, helping you optimize your strategies on the fly


Added Priya Vivek, Managing Partner – Revenue at Qoruz – the company that powers the platform: “One must have access to the right set of data, backed by solid numbers and evidence, to make proper use of influencer reach. Omnifluence offers an extensive number of tools that can help a brand make smart decisions for its influencer marketing needs. It is no secret that influencers are here to stay and they will continue to play a crucial role in increasing brand exposure.


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