Dentsu Impact partners with HT editorial initiative

13 May,2022

By Our Staff


Dentsu Impact, in partnership with Hindustan Times (HT), has rolled out a new campaign for Mother’s Day. The film captures the unwavering and boundless ethos of motherhood. #HTSalutes is a Hindustan Times’ editorial initiative, which celebrates the story of a woman who finds motherhood while caring for a lost and hurt child in a war zone.


Said Aparna Bhawal, Vice President, Marketing – Hindustan Times: “Mothers are the epitome of resilience and strength, and it is the bond between a mother and her child that gives us hope in the most adverse of times. Motherhood is an emotion unbound by any restraints and is not defined by borders or birth. We found Mother’s Day to be the most fitting occasion to celebrate this very spirit of motherhood and its soft yet strong nature. This video is our tribute to the beautiful bond marked by unconditional love and solicitude.”


Added Anupama Ramaswamy, Managing Partner & National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact: “The world needs more mothers. Because mothers work ceaselessly to keep humanity and hope alive, wherever they are. With all that is happening in the world today, we believe only a mother can lead us on the path of kindness, love and empathy. It is a mother’s spirit to make the world a better place that #HTSalutes. And this film is our humble attempt to celebrate this spirit.”


Talking of the project, Bob – Director, Good Morning Films said: “The story when narrated to me by Anu (Anupama), had such a different take on motherhood and was so boundless that I immediately got excited to do the film. Also, hats off to the team at Hindustan Times, to do a film that potentially arouses various sentiments within the system and beyond. This happens around us; we sometimes forget that motherhood is not just a state of being, but also a spirit. Through our film, we have captured the spirit of motherhood that knows no boundaries. And also have broken the format of normal stories set in a native context. Ours is a classic story that can be felt across borders. It was a mammoth task to shoot within a day, but thanks to the entire crew for their support (Robin and the Istanbul line production team) and most importantly, my cinematographer, Satchit Paulose, who battled with me to finish the film in the given 16hours.”


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