Demand of over 1.5 lakh in roles in 5G, Cloud Computing, AI & Big Data Analytics etc in 2022-23

19 May,2022

By Our Staff


The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) has launched a report ‘Overview: Indian Telecom Market 2022-23’, charting out the areas of traction where the telecom industry would witness growth in the coming financial year. The report highlights that in the past year, there was a combined demand of over 1.5 lakh in roles in 5G, Cloud Computing, AI & Big Data Analytics, IoT, Mobile App-Development and Robotic Process Automation – the demand supply gap is almost 28%.  The talent demand supply gap will continue to widen with the advent of 5G and allied technologies rollout.


Said K Rajaraman, Secretary, DoT: “India with a vast gamut of telecom and network related services has an immense opportunity for skilling and growth. A levelled progression in the skilling requirement will ensure progression and a deeper look at the technological changes along with skilling will ensure upgradation, make the workforce more relevant for future. This would require a tremendous amount of follow ups within the IT systems with high reliability which will enable affordable upskilling/reskilling. We hope to address policy issues like low penetration of Broadband, RoW issues and the industry needs to proliferate at CAGR of 30-40% in order to create phenomenal jobs. TSSC should put in place set of occupational categories such as rural broadband technician which can support the development of BharatNet withing the country especially rural areas,” adding: “Opportunities in 5G with the enormous use cases it will permit in industrial settings and customer experience such as in AR/VR, IoT, etc and with its nature of capabilities will require new range of skills required to manage use case development. Hon’ble PM also been talking about opportunities in space technology with new space startups and entities will ensure new range of jobs.”


Added Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary, MSDE,: “In next decades, technological changes will be there but the human nature will remain the same. Telecom is embedded in every sector such as entertainment, construction, agriculture, etc, right from production to the distribution. It is important to train the workforce to use these new technologies in a much more effective fashion. When we talk about jobs in telecom sector, we should not talk about only the jobs here but how they need some kind of upskilling.”


Said Akhil Gupta Vice Chairman, Bharti Group: “The opening note was presented by TSSC President Mr. Akhil Gupta (Vice Chairman, Bharti Group) to introduce the dais and various key speakers. “We have achieved great success over the years in skilling the youth of India. We now plan to accelerate skilling initiatives to international regions and map the international workforce demand. We will achieve the Hon’ble Prime Ministers’ vision to make India the skill capital of the world.”


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