Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | The favourites tumbled out, newbies are shining. Takeaways or lessons from the IPL 2022 held thus far?

23 May,2022

Bhaskar DasWe love doing it with festivals and assorted observances so why not ask our Wizard with Words to give us his learnings from the performance (or lack of it) in IPL 2022?! Here’s Dr Bhaskar Das in the May 23 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. The favourites tumbled out, newbies are shining. Takeaways or lessons from the IPL 2022 held thus far?


A. Hindsight is a great science, as they say. One can indulge in armchair comments as an expert (masquerading as analysis) but to play in the midst of summer isn’t so easy. In any clash of strategies, conclusions of a spectator are the easiest to arrive because s/he doesn’t face the game with all its imponderables.


Having said that, since you expect an answer to your question, here is a generic response:


1. The performance of the two teams which won IPL nine times (out of 15) was really sub-optimal. I wonder if success has a built-in learning disability and after repeated success, hubris (overconfidence on the so-called “success formula” ) can get the better of a perpetually positive paranoia attitude. In cricket, the new batter on the crease always takes a fresh guard, before starting an innings. I wonder why it’s not taken for every IPL season, as no one can take a patent on perpetual success.


2. The new teams had nothing to lose. They dared to experiment. They took risk. Due to their hunger to excel, the team played collectively as a unit. So. the attitude of a David can work while fighting Goliaths.


3. In T20, how one plays on a particular day is very critical. One can’t rest on the laurels of the previous match. It’s critical to treat every match as Day 1 as Jeff Bezos does at Amazon as a philosophy. (Staying in Day 1 requires one to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings and double down when you see customer delight).


4. I think the strategic preparation should start from the auction day, if not earlier. The wisdom of stars, when not collective, can have lopsided consequences.



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