Boat sails with new campaign

27 May,2022

By Our Staff


Delhi-based consumer electronics lifestyle brand Boat, known for products such as earphones, headphones and smart watches,  has rolled out a new campaign promoting its Alexa built-in smartwatch, Boat Xtend, that shines the spotlight on GenZ. Titled #MoreInEveryday, the campaign brings out the various intelligent features of the watch-from setting reminders to counting calories.


Speaking about the campaign, Siya Wadhawan, Brand Manager, Boat, said: “We get this generation. We know what makes them tick. The Xtend watch with Alexa Built-in has been designed to fit perfectly into their lifestyle, and we’re pretty sure that the campaign will resonate with them and make voice-enabled smart wearables mainstream.”


Added Sonia Khurana, Chief Operating Officer from Digitas: #MoreInEveryday was a reminder for every GenZ, every hustler, and every doer, of all the things they can achieve with an Alexa on their wrists. It was a treat to partner with Boat to create yet another exciting campaign.


Said Teena Sidana, Head of Alexa skills and voice services, Amazon India: “Customers in India interact with Alexa millions of times every day to ask for information, start their workout and manage their day with reminders, to-do lists, alarms and more. With the Boat Xtend smartwatch customers can interact with Alexa on the go, wherever they are, and continue to make the most of their day. We are sure this campaign will resonate with Gen Z and they will be able to see a little bit of themselves in the videos.”


Note: The Boat brandname is written as boAt


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