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30 May,2022




By Vikas Mehta


Vikas MehtaSince this was the last week of IPL, my editor suggested that maybe I should decide on the Top 4 ads of the season. Like the Top 4 play-off teams. But with IPL being unusual in so many respects, I decided to do something unusual too. What if we had an IPL ads awards? Not just the best four, but look at many more. So, here is a list of the categories and the winners.


Oh, before I forget, these awards are sponsored by MF, as yeh bilkul sahi nahin hai.


The Paisa Vasool Entertainment Award is a toss-up between the Ravi Shastri Cred ad and the Swiggy Instamart Dolly Aa Rahi Hai ad.


While at Swiggy Instamart we cannot forget Dunzo. It gets the award in the Prophet of Doom category for announcing the demise of refrigerators in the midst of summer.


Spotify gets the award in the Saannu Ki category for using music to blank out all the worldly debates.


The Hum Nahin Sudherenge Award goes to Jio for its song and dance routine by cricket stars season after season.


Jio also wins the Can’t Act for Nuts, Can’t Dance for Nuts Award for forcing cricketers to dance and act year after year.


The undisputed winner of the Cooked Up Nostalgia Award goes to Dream 11 Ashwin ad.


Pepsi Salman Khan double role ad is the winner of the Faulty Time Machine category.


Pepsi is the winner again, in the Tag Line with an Asterisk category. It was the sole entry but the 7 point, 50 word explanation of the asterisk in the last three seconds of the ad made it a clear winner.


The Good from Far but Far from Good Award is again a toss-up. This time between the Kareena Kapoor MedNet and Aamir Khan PharmEasy ads.


The MedNet ad also won the Jab We Net category award, courtesy the Railways.


The Indigo paint ad featuring Dhoni was the clear winner in the No Animal was Harmed while Shooting an Ad category, as the only people who suffered were human beings like us.


Bas Naam hi Kaafi Hai Award goes to all ads featuring Dhoni.


PhonePe Aamir and Aalia ads get Police Story Indian version award.


Meesho ads are the recipient of the Wah, Kya Scene Hai award.


Tata Neu is the winner of the It Happens Only in India award for raising hopes of spending on a honeymoon by buying a sui (needle).


The Study, Study, More Study Award goes to Byju’s + Aakash classes and the Money, Money, More Money Award goes to all fintech companies except PayTM.


PayTM gets the Neend Se Jaago Award for explaining the concept of UPI five years after its launch.


Vimal, Kamla Pasand and Budweiser get the Cock a Snook Award for neatly bypassing rules and regulatory bodies.


Jiomart gets the impossible is nothing award for letting Ranveer Singh be a normal person.


A special award to Aamir Khan in the category, Any Publicity is Good Publicity, for asking Rashid Khan about the Eid spread that Rashid made for his teammates. Not an ad? You are wrong. Am sure his next release is round the corner. And as I write this, I see a trailer for his new film releasing in August. The interview was a quid pro quo for screening the trailer. Self-promotion.


And finally, if you do see this last award below being mentioned, then it means my editor does not read my columns.


The biggest award of the season, the KLPD Award goes to Tata Neu for having a great set of teasers but then the revelation being like a hole in the sui.


Do you have any more categories to suggest?


Disclaimer: Tsk Tsk Tsk. All of you with dirty minds….KLPD stands for Kaise Log Proposition Dubate hain


Vikas Mehta is a senior strategic advisor and educator based in Dehradun. This is the second season that he’s been reviewing ads around the IPL coverage. His views here are personal.


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