Prega News rolls out new campaign for Women’s Day

03 Mar,2022

By Our Staff


Prega News, Mankind Pharma’s pregnancy detection brand, has launched a new campaign, #SheCanCarryBoth to celebrate the boundless spirit of womanhood.


Notes a communique: “The video film exquisitely captures the insecurities of women with the portrayal of three starkly different personalities. One has happily entered the phase of motherhood, the other is highly sceptical about the career options as a model post her pregnancy, while there is another ambitious lady disoriented from the concept of motherhood to fly high in her career,” adding: “Prega News with the campaign intends to break the stereotypical inhibitions arising in every woman’s mind, and drives away their doubt that having a child can bring a full stop to their career. It enunciates the huge strength of women who do not shy away from any form of responsibility. It harbors a sense of inclusivity that motivates the women to celebrate their various phases of womanhood, while not compromising on their dreams and ambitions.”


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