MI rolls out red carpet to welcome IPL Family

21 Mar,2022

By Our Staff


With the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 season set to witness 55 matches be held in Mumbai, five time champions Mumbai Indians have splashed huge hoardings covering the entire city to welcome the fellow nine franchises.


A dash of yellow to ‘Welcome Chennai Super Kings – Whistle Podu Dil Khol Ke,’, while Kolkata Knight Riders are welcomed to the city with their iconic ‘Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Dil Khol Ke slogan. The #WelcomeDilKholKe billboards, customised to each of the visiting teams, have been set up across key locations in the city, uses a creative rendition to bring alive the spirit of sports, excitement and affection.


Said an unnamed Mumbai Indians spokesperson: “The billboards installed across the city capture the creative expressions of the spirit of Mumbai – the city of dreams which welcomes every individual to its land of opportunity. We, Mumbai Indians are a reflection of the city, its ethos and this campaign is a tribute to the warmth of the people of Mumbai in welcoming all the franchises of our IPL family.


“With IPL back in India and in Mumbai, Mumbai Indians look forward to welcoming its loyal blue & gold Paltan back to the stadiums. We take pride in having one of the most passionate fan army –  the Paltan who have backed the team for a decade and more with their unrelenting energy and enthusiasm.”


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