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03 Feb,2022



When in November 2018 advertising and marketing services conglomerate WPP merged the 1896-born J Walter Thompson with Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson, there were many advertising purists who were upset that the new name was not Thompson Wunderman, but the other way around. They feared that creative would possibly take a backseat in the new dispensation.


But folks in India were happy that a JWT senior Tarun Rai was at the helm to head the South Asia division. There were mixed reports about the health of the agency, and the lockdown ensured that the business model of the creative agency domain was under question.


In October 2021, Wunderman Thompson announced the appointment of Shamsuddin Jasani, a digital advertising specialist, as the CEO. Jasani took charge on November 1, and has charted an all-new direction for the agency with the confluence of creative, data, commerce and technology.


In a freewheeling chat with Pradyuman Maheshwari, founder and editor-in-chief, MxMIndia, Shamsuddin ‘Shams’ Jasani speaks about his plans for Wunderman Thompson, the foray in healthcare and his focus on technology and commerce. But, as he says, WT will always be creative-first.


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