Tata continues to Play with Sky

02 Feb,2022



By Sanjeev Kotnala


Sanjeev KotnalaUnless you are a Tata Sky subscriber or a digital algorithm picks you as a potential lead, you will likely miss out on these short, simple name change films. Additionally, these films talk of the new Tata Binge offer, including the addition of Netflix. The way the scriptwriter and the production team have managed the cast and the location itself with Covid restrictions is worth applauding.


The films feature the flamboyant Saif Ali Khan and beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan. Saif continues to surprise us with his never acknowledged versatility. Kareena, like him, plays different avatars but with the same expression, smile and trademark pout. But, both deliver memorable short scripts.  There are language films with different set of celebrities.


Is there a story there?

When a brand puts so much effort into Name Change, it suggests more than what meets the eye. The earlier name has the potential and most likely will come alive in a different Avatar sometime soon. Why would you otherwise spend so much time, effort, and media money to delink it from entertainment, TV, and Cable.


Is Tata Sky later going to the sky and being an airline. It is the right name for airline by the Tatas. Now, that is a guess and a long shot. However, even if Tata Sky never becomes the Airline it should be, I would still be at peace.


Did they leave the clue somewhere? What do you think?

Back To Tata Play.



The first set is a customer-salesman interaction. The charming Saif Ali khan delivers for the brand, and Kareena does the rest. The story moves forward, and for a moment, I was taken back to Tata Chota Recharge memories and how successive episodes of TVC took the story further. The recharge advantage is shared in another short clip, and the  Tata Binge app offer also gets delivered. Alas, the story shifts totally. Nevertheless, it is smartly done.




The next set of interplay is between two teachers. The History teacher enacted by Saif Ali Khan comments that Tata Sky ka Tata Play Hona eek historical moment hai. Was that more than necessary or a trap for people to think of Tata taking over Air India. The ad is nice.


The chemistry between the two actors is fabulous. Then it slowly weaves in the Free Service saving in a charming style. And the Netflix offer comes back.






The third set of scripts has the duo playing as Driver and the Maid. The interaction is still meticulously executed, and both actors deliver on the script. However, the series of messages primarily relate to name change, other than bringing alive the solo mobile viewing and the collective family viewing advantage on Tata Binge.





The three different characters suggest selective advertisement placement based on consumer profile data. However, the characters and locations are not so polarized to make the best use of data that the brand and media could have. Maybe I am wrong, and the brand knows something more. However, on the Tata Play channels- all the advertisements continue in a loop.


However, the brand team, creative and production, have done commendable work in keeping it simple, engaging and delivering the message. Love the ads.



Tata Play films are also made in regional languages with appropriate celebrities from the zone.. Here is one such film.




Here is one of my favourite communication from Tata Sky – 10 Rupay ka Chota Recharge. Enjoy.


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