Rediffusion launches FutureTech

08 Feb,2022

By Our Staff


Rediffusion has announced the setting up of a technology and digital-led communications subsidiary, Rediffusion FutureTech, which will work in the domain of Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, AI, AR, Machine Learning and extend its service repertoire to include conversational AI. Sanjay Sakalley, who was CEO of Diginative and Juniors, will be advisor to FutureTech, and lead the new initiative.


The Rediffusion FutureTech team has also been engaged by the Free Press Journal to help create and market its archival content as NFTs. The NFTs will go on sale nearer to August 15 to celebrate 75 years of Indian Independence.


Said Rajendra Gupta, Chief Growth Officer of Rediffusion: “Rediffusion will be launching its first Metaverse event next week with a client trade show spread over two days. For now we can support about 500 concurrent users on our systems, which means we can easily host about 10,000 visitors everyday at the Metaverse event. A lot of clients are showing interest in hosting events in the Metaverse not just because physical events are difficult to hold for now, but because such events impart a tech-sheen to the host brand, making them more exciting, relevant and aspirational to younger audiences.”


Added Dr. Sandeep Goyal, Managing Director of Rediffusion: “Rediffusion, as an agency, is today in the forefront of technology. We will soon be unveiling a suite of new initiatives in making content for brands cheaper and more visually powerful, through the use of world class technologies. It is time for the consumer, content and communication to converge. Which is why we are launching Rediffusion FutureTech which will help clients understand, simplify and apply technology to brands.”


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