Pitchfork partners with CredAvenue

25 Feb,2022

By Our Staff


CredAvenue, a debt platform for enterprises, lenders and investors, has appointed Pitchfork Partners as its strategic communication counsel.


Said Niren Yadav, Head – Corporate Communications, CredAvenue: “Given that both CredAvenue and Pitchfork Partners are fairly young companies, our partnership makes sense. We are category creators and are on the cusp of massive growth. Pitchfork will help us drive our core messaging in our next phase of growth as we look forward to creating a lasting impression and impact through our partnership.”


Added Jaideep Shergill, Co-founder, Pitchfork Partners: “We are delighted with this partnership. With CredAvenue’s commitment to substantial debt solutions via its unique offerings, it not only has an edge with India’s consumers but can also disrupt the market. We are privileged to partner with such an inventive company.”


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