Lowe Lintas films campaign for Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

11 Feb,2022

By Our Staff


Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital has launched a multi-film campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore with an objective of creating relatable conversations around eye health. The campaign films, starring S V Shekhar and Ratna Pathak Shah, are a humorous take on how people with their golden years ahead of them opt for a timely eye treatment and go on to live their dreams.


Said Ayushman Chiranewala, CMO, Dr. Agarwal’s: “We believe that eye surgery can be life-changing. Our attempt with the campaign is to showcase the tremendous impact that regaining clear vision with eye-surgery at Dr. Agarwals can have on the quality of life of the senior citizens. With advanced surgical techniques, eye-surgeries are no longer intimidating, but simple procedures that can provide seniors as well as everyone else with a new lease of life to enjoy their new innings. Our campaign carries a light-hearted tone to break away from the anxiety that a surgical procedure might induce and drive home the fact that eye surgeries are now safe, quick and most of all – transformative.”


Talking about the creative thought behind the campaign, Sonali Khanna, Executive Director and Branch Head, Lowe Lintas Bangalore added: “As the saying goes – ‘Getting old is mandatory; feeling old is optional!’ Today’s senior citizens are far more active, with a positive attitude to life and health. Our latest campaign for Dr. Agarwal’s is a celebration of their indomitable spirit, as it shines a light on their willingness to grow. We’re thrilled that Dr. Agarwal’s shared our enthusiasm for a happier narrative; and, we’re confident that their clients will, as well.”


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