Ariel launches fifth edition of ShareTheLoad campaign

15 Feb,2022

By Our Staff


Ariel detergent washing powder has launched a new campaign to continue conversations around unequal division of domestic chores. The #SeeEqual film kicks off to inaugurate the 5th edition of ShareTheLoad. Ariel urges men to be equal partners playing Equal roles.


Said Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India, and Vice President, Fabric Care, P&G India: “With Ariel #ShareTheLoad, we strive to trigger meaningful conversations that will help drive positive change. With #See Equal, we want to address years of unconscious bias and conditioning, which may be coming in the way of us all sharing the load. A recent World Economic Forum report claims that at the current pace of change, gender parity is still 135 years away! That is far too long for us to wait for something that comes naturally for men when they interact with each other. Interestingly, over 73% married men agreed that they did their share of household chores when they lived with other men. However, even now in urban India, less that 25 percent of households claim that men share the load equally. This year’s communication is based on this simple insight – when men can ShareTheLoad equally with other men, then why not with their wives? Because we know when we #SeeEqual, we #ShareTheLoad”


Added Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, BBDO: “We’ve taken a slightly different track in the latest film for Ariel #ShareTheLoad. There is a definite shift in the tonality. This time, it’s the woman who speaks for herself. It is the woman speaking her mind and sharing her point of view. The film is fully reflective of the reality of today’s times, where the woman refuses to accept inequality in her marriage. Research confirmed this. 88% women believe it is time to talk to men about doing their share of the household work equally. There is a sense of restlessness, an impatience in the women today at the pace of change. So, this film is also a means to encourage conversations so as to truly move us towards an equal tomorrow.”


Said Nandita Shah, Co- Director, Akshara Centre: “Gender inequality at home is underrated and often overlooked with women bearing the brunt of this inequality. When women believe that they are equal to men and start taking a position for it like in the Ariel #SeeEqual film, change happens. This change in behavior goes a long way in making the home more equal. If men understand how to do household chores, there should be nothing stopping them from sharing this equally and responsibly. We are happy to collaborate with Ariel to drive the conversation around gender equality in the division of household chores, and urge men to #See Equal and #ShareTheLoad.”


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