Wavemaker films for Friends adult diapers

07 Jan,2022

By Our Staff


Friends Dry Pants – the flagship brand of Nobel Hygiene, specially designed for people suffering from incontinence, has launched a digital film to spread awareness on how the use of adult diapers can mean ‘urine leakage se azadi mubarak’.  The film features an elderly couple essayed by Marathi theatre actors and real-life partners – Anil Khopkar and Swaroop Khopkar.  The video was conceptualized and filmed by agency Wavemaker India.


Said Kartik Johari, Vice-President – Marketing & e-commerce, Nobel Hygiene: “We have found that consumer truths resonate the most with our audience, and consequently, helps them break the adult diaper taboo at home. Also recently, a primary study we conducted found that it takes anywhere between 9 months and 1.5 years for those facing incontinence to start using adult diapers. For several months, sufferers attempt to ‘manage’ concerns instead of choosing dry pants because of social stigma. Consequently, we used consumer truths heroed by our female protagonist in this ad showing her as a trendsetter and urging her husband to join the dry pant league! We were helped by the real-life chemistry of Mr and Mrs Khopkar, and we hope to keep making many more such slices of reality for our growing audience.”


Speaking on the campaign, Karthik Nagarajan, Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker India added: “With this Friends campaign our attempt was to encourage conversations around the category without feeling awkward or embarrassed and show adult diapers as a part of their existing life that they’ve embraced fully. By showing an elderly couple enjoy their life while accepting their need for an adult diaper was the key to normalizing the conversation.”


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