HT Media launches first programmatic podcast marketplace

07 Jan,2022

By Our Staff


HT Media has partnered with AdsWizz to create India’s first programmatic podcast marketplace. This strategic relationship enables brands to access millions of listeners in India with real-time buying and selling of podcast advertising. Named “FabX”, this is the newest addition to HT media’s vast offering.


Said Patrick Roger, VP of New Markets, AdsWizz: “Our partnership with Hindustan Times highlights the growing opportunities in this market. Our technology combines the power of programmatic advertising with the power of podcasts, enabling advertisers’ easy access to a highly engaged audience. Additionally, with our AI Transcription Technology, advertisers can ensure brand safety by only serving ads to podcast shows or episodes that have specific topics as a central theme. This relationship will automate real-time buying, targeting, optimisation, and reporting of podcast ad inventory. Advertisers will be able to choose their geography, time, and demographics as the content increases. What is more exciting is the fact that one of the biggest reasons why podcasts are making their space into the heart of the Indians is because the content is present in numerous languages. Local advertising too can be enabled via this platform.”


Added Ramesh Menon, CEO, Fever Network and Next Radio Ltd.: “It is an exciting time for us and a proud moment, to make advertisers experience the power of an immersive medium like Podcasts. HT Smartcast is paving the way for advertisers to have higher efficiency and greater impact for their advertising bucks through Programmatic audio advertising that will be time-saving, targeted and data/analysis friendly and performance-oriented. Our focus now is to quickly scale this for the benefit of podcasters and advertisers alike and help them take advantage of a marketplace that can solve the monetisation issue that the currently, fragmented medium, faces. We can now concentrate on increasing the volume of new and engaging content and exploring the full potential of audio.”


Said Gautam Anand, Founder and CEO, HubHopper: “Our endeavour since Hubhopper’s inception has always been to democratize the creation and consumption of podcasts and audio content, by bringing all aspects of a creators journey from hosting, creation, editing, distribution, data insight, marketing, monetization and beyond under one roof. This recent integration with HT Media and Adswizz marks the inclusion of yet another integral and elusive piece of this puzzle by bringing programmatic advertising capability to all who choose to create via Hubhopper.”


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