Hindustan Times is to host online school quiz

19 Jan,2022

By Our Staff


Hindustan Times is set to host online school quiz on January 23, 2022, culminating with the Grand Finale on Republic Day, January 26, 2022. Popularly known as ‘ClassAct’, the name syncs with school students acing their way to popularity through quizzing. The quiz show will be hosted by quizmasters-Dr Navin Jayakumar and Avinash Mudaliar.


Said Dr Jayakumar:  “Quizzing is a sport and not a test of IQ. It is a sport involving bits of information – facts that may or may not be of practical use but which are always interesting. And like all sports, practice makes perfect.”


Added Mudaliar: “A good quizzer is also good at lateral thinking and is seldom just a ‘rattu’ (one who mugs up information from some source prior to a quiz). Contrary to popular belief, you can seldom win a quiz these days with that strategy, as quizzing today requires you to immerse yourself in the knowledge that is at your fingertips and connect the dots between various points of information to arrive at a possibly right answer.”



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