Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | Do you think there is need for an ASCI-like monitoring of claims in political advertising?

20 Jan,2022

Bhaskar DasSo what’s your view on the issue? Before you decide, do read what Dr Bhaskar Das says in the Jan 19 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. Do you think there is need for an ASCI-like monitoring of claims in political advertising


A.ASCI is a self-regulatory body and various industry bodies play a critical role in self-regulation and including civil society in the exercise. There is a consensus of all concerned for establishing appropriate processes. In case of politics, such an approach has many challenges as it interferes with the basic tenets of democratic norms where promises are made to mitigate an existing state of affairs. Now, the exercise is future-oriented, used for comparison of a party’s positioning and for its  competitive advantage. The norms of ASCI are dominantly a post-facto exercise based on a complaint. In case of politics, do you mean to do a similar exercise after five years? How would an ASCI kind of body order withdrawal of the party from office after five years, which would be a redundant exercise? What would voters do then? How would one be subjective in an objective matter which on its own is under massive operating constraints? So, net-net, running a country (political claims are a prelude to that) can’t be conflated with advertisements with doubtful claims etc.


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