Whole Truth Foods unveils influencers for its brand

08 Dec,2021

By Our Staff


The Whole Truth Foods has launched a campaign for its food brand.  The video announces a batch of influencers under the tagline ‘The Whole Truth-Sayers’ for its social media campaign.


Said Shashank Mehta, Founder & CEO, The Whole Truth: “At TWT, we love influencers, but not Influencer Marketing. At least not the way it’s done currently. So, we launched The Whole Truth-Sayers program – as a clarion call to ‘honest’ influencers whose opinions can’t be bought. And the response – both from consumers who resonated so strongly with the issue we raised and influencers who were waiting for a truthful opportunity like this – has been overwhelming. Today, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the first batch of The Whole Truth-Sayers – a new breed of influencers who speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.”


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