Radhika Apte features in latest Rio sanitary pads campaign

03 Dec,2021

By Our Staff


Rio Heavy Flow Pads by Nobel Hygiene launched its ‘stained screen’ campaign featuring the brand ambassador Radhika Apte. The ad is conceptualised by Rio’s marketing team at Nobel Hygiene and written inhouse by Brand Content Editor Shayonnita Mallik. The production was led by Schbang Motion Pictures in coordination with ad-motion specialist Joel Fonseca.


Said Kartik Johari, Vice President, Marketing and Commerce, Nobel Hygiene: “Over the last year we’ve heard our users and worked on their feedback. The result is the all-new RIO Heavy Flow with double wings, longer and slimmer, 3x as absorbent as a regular pad—guaranteed to give you a better period. This campaign for the New and Improved RIO is thus in sync with our endeavour to give voice to women’s menstrual issues and help them choose the right product for their period issues. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.”


Added Rachaita Vyas, Producer of the ad from Schbang Motion Pictures, “It’s not every day that one gets to work on brands that don’t shy away from showcasing the reality. Our aim was to create an impactful message by depicting menstrual blood as it is. And with the expertise of the highly skilled product specialist Joel Fonseca, we were to be able to show the same in the most accurate manner. Further, having Radhika as the face of the brand ensures that the message cut through.”


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