AdBuzz by Prabhakar Mundkur: Manyavar makes a come back

13 Dec,2021


By Prabhakar Mundkur


Prabhakar MundkurManyavar is clearly the darling of celebration wear.  But when it featured Alia Bhat in an ad which was forward-looking by suggesting that giving away the girl in marriage or Kanyadaan is sexist and regressive, the ad angered the public. Further, Manywar suggested that the age-old practice must be named Kanyamaan adding fuel to the fire. But no right-thinking individual could deny the patriarchal nature of Indian society.



However, Manyavar has managed to come out of that temporary setback. What with the wedding season reaching its peak in the winter months, the brand could not afford to slow down. So, the new string of commercials features Ranveer Singh.


While the campaign features on the groom (Ranveer as dulha), it also showcases the baaratis who also have to be well-dressed. Manywar has a full range of celebration wear; from exquisite sherwani to Indo-westerns classic kurta jackets to matching accessories. Being a dulha of course means all eyes are on you.



Personally, I felt the commercials lacked a real idea. All it did was captured a realistic wedding situation with the focus on Ranveer. So if Kanyamaan had a strong idea about making a comment on society, these commercials are pure entertainment – music and dance. But they seem to have captured the imagination of the public all the same.


Also, their tag of #ManyvarAaGaya was carried out throughout social media. Influencers on Instagram prompted the dance moves to the same music as the commercials. The copy says

“ Hey grooms and baaratis,

When the beat drops, #DoTheManyavarMove

Show your moves and get ready to set the dance floor on fire, kyunki





Another Instagram post said:

Listen up grooms and baaratis,

Let’s burn the dance floor and #DoTheManyavarMove

Aap bhi try karo aur dikhao apna swag, kyunki #ManyavarAaGaya



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What it has certainly managed to do is create awareness of the approaching wedding season and prompting consumers to be ready for it with their attire.


And while the ads have no real idea, Manyavar has made people forget their angst against the Kanyamaan ad and the brand has moved ahead with their happy string of commercials announcing the wedding season.



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