TBWA\India studies new education syllabus

09 Nov,2021

By Our Staff


TBWA\India has unveiled the education ecosystem in India, in its latest report, ‘The Progress Card of Education’. The report encapsulates how technological leaps, increasing investment in education, changing mindsets and new policies are leading to a paradigm shift in the education sector of India.


According to a communique, the report is co-authored by Sanjana Jathar and Rajagopalan Narasimhan from TBWA\India and it captures how the traditional idea of schooling is being de-templatised and roles of key stakeholders are becoming more dynamic and demanding than ever. It also sheds light on how learning is evolving out of rigid systems to democratised ones, that are mindfully breeding imagination, understanding and knowledge sharing.


Said Rahul Megharaj, AVP Strategic Planning, TBWA\India and editor of the report: “Until a few years ago, schooling was simply about walking into a four walled classroom and learning a predetermined syllabus from standard textbooks which were common for all. However, as a young parent myself, it is amusing to witness a variety of new, more interactive, entertaining and holistic methods of learning that are now emerging rapidly.”


Added Satish Krishnamurthy, Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA\India: “I have always believed in the process of life-long learning and the advancement of edu-tech in past couple of years has helped even professionals like us to continue learning even decades after our graduation. We are the sole decision makers of our our education as the leash of learning is now in the hands of the learner. I believe, we are rapidly detaching from age-old pedagogy and we are witnessing a sort of sequel of traditional schooling in India.”


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