Taboola announces SmartBid Dimensions for advertisers

10 Nov,2021

By Our Staff


Taboola, an AI powered advertising agency headquartered in New York, has announced SmartBid Dimensions, a new “Autonomous Driving” experience for advertisers.


With SmartBid Dimensions, advertisers can for the first time couple contextual and demographic data with more user dimensions on readers–data points which uniquely connect content, consumers and interests, and are sourced from Taboola’s 500 million daily active users and 30 billion annual clicks. These dimensions provide advertisers unique readership signals, powered by Taboola, that are inaccessible elsewhere.


Said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola: “It is so important to help advertisers succeed, because advertiser success is directly correlated to publishers success and it keeps the open web thriving. SmartBid is one of the most sophisticated A.I. technologies in the world, now providing advertisers an autonomous autopilot-like experience, where they can keep their hand on the wheel, but let the car drive on its own,” adding: “What is unique to Taboola from a data perspective is that we sit on a ‘curiosity graph,’ which understands what people do when they finish reading an article. This data shows a much more authentic version of consumers versus what they tell social networks about themselves. That helps SmartBid make accurate predictions, and as of now will help our advertisers to go beyond human capabilities to reach better results, while being even more hands off. I’m so proud of our algorithm teams for working hard to make our advertisers, publishers and open web successful.”


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