So who will be the 2021 MxMIndia Mediaperson of the Year

16 Nov,2021



By A Correspondent


This is awards season. From politics, business and films to many, many, many awards in the A&M world. Not just in A&M, in PR communications, content… everything.


But amongst all of this, there’s the MxMIndia Mediaperson of the Year award.


And how are we different:


1. No jury. So no influencing, no lobbying. No accommodation of one person this year, and another the next

2. No sponsor. No pressure from anyone on who the award should go to

3. No event. So no pressure of having a chief guest, sponsors for the event, and hence the pulls and pressures on ensuring that the winner is a “saleable” name

4. Planning through the year. We ensure that those who do well in the end of the year don’t have an unfair advantage as they are top-of-mind

5. Democratic, albeit partially. We invite nominations from the world, but the decision is ours


Our winners so far:

2020: The Independent Journalist

2019:  Sidharth Rao

2018: Piyush Pandey

2017: Arnab Goswami

2016: Ashish Bhasin

2015: Punit Goenka, Shashi Sinha, Partho Dasgupta for BARC India


So who will it be this year?

There are a few people who are in our shortlist.

We received 26 nominations for 12 people and two organisations in response to our call for nominations on October 13.

So, who will it be?

Well, it’s going to happen on December 17, 2021.

It’s a Friday.

We’ll announce the name by 12noon that day.

No events. No drama. No tamasha.

An honest award for the Mediaperson of the Year.


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